What to Expect After the Wedding

Congratulations! Whether you just got married, or have been married for years, the marriage union of a relationship is a very exciting thing, and there is research to prove it. University of Georgia researchers found that marriage led to an increase in conscientiousness in men, and had a positive emotional effect for women. But it’s not all good news. They also found that after marriage, women were less open to new experiences, and men showed a decrease in extraversion. This may be why married couples tend to have more restricted social networks than their single peers. It was also shown that both men and women became less agreeable, and generally the marital satisfaction declined after the wedding. But don’t fret! Now that you know what changes you can expect, you can take active steps to increase satisfaction in your union. For example, don’t fall into the pattern of inflexible routines. Schedule in something that pushes the two of you to have new experiences, whether that’s something as simple as a new restaurant, or as gravity defying as a bungee jumping adventure in South America. You may be surprised at how the simple act of planning a new adventure can impact your marriage!

Disclaimer: not all couples and partnerships choose to have a marriage, and not all marriages are heteronormative. FWT respects and acknowledges those relationships that fall outside the heteronormative marriage standard of the research participants.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29251970

Ji Eun Ko