Ji Eun (Jessica) Ko


I was born and raised in South Korea, which set the foundation for how I approached and lived my life in the years that followed. Since my childhood, I have worked in Spain, studied in Turkey, and spent the majority of my life in Southern California. I hold all these experiences very near and dear to my heart, and along with my childhood in Korea and my faith, they make up who I am. As wonderful and fantastical it was to live in different countries and learn different languages, it was also a harrowing journey to find my own identity in the various different cultures I occupied. That lived struggle ultimately molded into my passion to provide culturally sensitive counseling for people to be truly well - as individuals and as couples.

For immigrants in particular, the feeling of being displaced in your own home while no longer being truly accepted by your home culture can be very disorienting. Learning to find home in your own skin as a multicultural person takes intentional effort and hard work. That’s why I specialize in working with individuals to be at peace with their own chosen multicultural identities.

It’s also my passion to partner with couples to bring relational healing. Being in a romantic relationship with someone means inviting another human being to share in your identity and in your inner world. This can be incredibly powerful or incredibly painful, as you are asking your partner to fully know, accept, and love you. I view that perpetual vulnerability as a key to loving themselves and their partner in breakthrough ways.

It is always a privilege for me to know someone’s intimate self and to partner alongside them. I practice judgment free acceptance to create a therapeutic space for everyone to have the freedom to be their own genuine selves. And I consider it a great honor to collaborate with you on your own unique journey of restorative experiences.

Although I use various therapy modalities in my practice, my Christian faith most informs my therapeutic approach. I believe it is my duty to value every individual as the imago dei (the image of God), and that true and complete wellness is meant for everyone. Those beliefs of honoring every person and the promise of healing shape how I approach every session. I am so excited to be a part of your journey of living a fully well life.